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I am polite and respectful

I am strong physically and mentally

​I am confident and focused

I do protest, but I don't hurt

This is B.C. Martial Arts


Perants and Students Testimonials 

I love martial arts with Master Ali because it's fun, interesting, and usually tiring.. I dont mind though, I love challenges!

I can't wait to earn my next belt and learn a back flip. It always boosts my confidence when someone says good job or good work keep it up! Every body​ in class knows me and I know them. Part of the fun is when we take the gym balls and start playing with them before class. I love martial arts and will always love it. Thank you Master Ali and everybody in class


We had a habit of alternating kids' activities every term, but since we started martial arts with Master Ali last year we knew this was a keeper. When you find the perfect coach, you don't let go! My two older children are regulars and my youngest can't wait to join next year. 

The class is a perfect balance of flexibility, technique, endurance, self-defence, discipline, values, and fun! We are so thankful to be part of such a wonderful environment. Thank you Master Ali!


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"Master Ali has been amazing in teaching my sons the disciplines of martial arts in a way that can be applied in their daily lives. They are physically and mentally stronger after joining Master Ali's class and they enjoy pushing themselves every session. I would recommend the class to all parents and children."

Magnus Greaves

Good to Know:

Important things to know about Martial Arts 4 Kids Academy 

Free T-Shirt

Free parking

NO contract 

NO registration fee 

NO belt testing fees 

NO obligation to purchase the gear from us 

Certified instructors 

High quality training 

Classes combine elements of discipline and fun 
Age range: 5 – 12 

Kids will get certificate and rewards for their belt testing